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the bill came up twice before but never got out of committee. this time the pressure is on. a packed hearing room and a lot of emotion, that's what the gay marriage bill brings out. both sides for and against. the hearing is over and now for opponents and supporters the real work is just beginning. >> we take nothing for granted. we know we have a whole vote in the senate hopefully to look forward to and we have a lot of -- till have a lot of communication and contact that we need to have with legislators. >> reporter: those against gay marriage say it violates many tenets and that is why marriage was meant to be between a man and woman. the baltimore catholic diocese says it supports civil unions but not gay marriage. they've written letters against gay marriage in maryland. >> we are approaching the general assembly to not pass a law to redefine marriage. to uphold traditional marriage. we think it's in the best
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interest of children and society. that is why we're in favor of that. >> reporter: either way both sides of the issue say the time is now to put pressure on state lawmakers. >> i think that's important. i think that's what legislators do, they make public policy for constituents. constituents can talk about the harm they endure because they don't have the legal protections of civil marriage. >> the church will always speak out on this regardless of what the legislature does. we hope for the sake of society that legislation doesn't pass and at the same time we say that the dignity of every human person should be respected. and we firmly do believe that. this isn't against anyone but this is about what is best for society. >> reporter: the house committee will vote in a couple of weeks about whether or not to send the bill to the floor for a vote. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. i
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>> should maryland recognize same-sex marriage? on facebook, we've received many comments. jamie writes -- yes, who am i or anyone to let people know how to live their lives? nathan writes -- i think no, two men can't make a baby and two women can't make a baby. to share your opinion just log on to our wmar facebook fan page and leave your comments. an elementary school teacher is in trouble tonight, montgomery county police say susan lee burke choked and punched her first grade students. police arrested the 10-year veteran school teacher and mother of three after an investigation accusing her of physically assaulting the students at green castle elementary school in silver spring. according to police the investigation began last month when one student came forward. nine students told investigators they were choked, kicked, punched and scratched
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on different days throughout the month of december last year. >> you don't expect this to happen to your kids while you're away. >> burke is charged with nine counts of second degree assault in the attacks. she was released on $75,000 bond. a virginia man accused of trying to run down maryland state police deputies in harford county had a court appearance today. brandon pedram, according to police, held his family hostage and threatened to hurt them. he tried to ram two sheriffs' deputies. the deputies weren't hurt. a frederick man will spend 12 years in jail for his role in a machete attack on four teens. nicholas gantz pleaded guilty
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to an attempted robbery. it happened last april at a camp site along the monocacy river in frederick. he denies putting a machete to the throat of a 15-year-old girl or telling campers he had a gun. he's the second of three defendants to be apprehended. a teen is charged in a hate attack against an african-american fisherman in baltimore park. sentenced to two years in prison today. 19-year-old zachary watson and two others who beat 77-year-old james prevott while fishing. calvin lockner, a white supremacist was sentenced to 31 years in september. another one, a juvenile was sent to reform school. more protection for baltimore businesses and residents who report fraud and abuse to the city. abc2 news jamie costello joins us with details. >> reporter: mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is falling off on promises made in her city of the state address. the new policies will encourage
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city employees, contractors and vendors to report illegal activity or cockpit that cost the city -- conduct that cost the city resources or tax dollars. >> all res -- residents and all city employees are eligible for 10% of all monetary recoveries, no cap. so that can be huge. if somebody brings forgets we don't already have that results in a million-dollar recovery on behalf of the city they get $100,000. a rather significant issue. >> the policies are offering protections too. the city contractors who come forward to report illegal activity. they may receive immunity, allowing them to work in the city in the future. jamie costello, abc2 news. for the third year in a row maryland is number one in the nation in its percentage of graduating classes that has passed advanced placement tests during high school. meanwhile students in arbutus middle school had visitors as they showed off a new
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educational program. state and national educators visited the school to see how the college board spring work program is helping students learn. the superintendent and executive with the college board observed lessons in an eighth grade standard language arts classroom. they wanted to see instructional strategies among the students. the goal is to raise the bar and challenge middle school students. >> this is very good news for maryland, on the heels of having been named the number one public school system for a third year in a row. so this is our third year with advanced placement. that announcement will be made in new york by the college board today. >> the spring board program is in its third year in arbutus middle, started as a pilot program. weatherwise today, some sunshine early, the clouds thickening up later in the day. now we're seeing a little bit
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of activity on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we think this could be an indication of what we'll see late tonight. especially when we're talking about southern parts of the state. right now, looking at the radar view, you can see a little light snow, several thousand feet up. this is a light return but you go further south and west down near south and west of washington, this is light-to-moderate snow shower toward orange and fredericksburg. it's only these areas, southern maryland areas, south of dc, golden beach, lexington park, the part of the state we think could get a little bit of an accumulation tonight. most of us will not see much accumulation but there will be some snow showers to deal with and could be just a little slick for that morning commute. look at the wide view, a little more snow south and west and temperatures certainly cold enough to allow flakes to fly. overnight tonight, some light snow, could see a half-inch or slightly higher down in southern maryland, mainly south of annapolis. we'll keep an eye on the storm and show you much more detail coming up in a few minutes.
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they are walking the purple carpet now in the theater to the tune of "baby, baby, baby" and "never say never." the baltimore premiere of justin bieber's new movie "never say never." look at that excitement. joce sterman has more from whitemarsh. >> reporter: amazing! look at all these girls. they are so excited! [screaming] >> reporter: all right. we got to call down because no one is going to be able to hear anything on tv, all right? they are super excitedded as you can tell. they've been inside on the purple carpet, they are going to get to see "never say never" before anybody else. [screaming] >> reporter: we want to talk to danielle, 15 years old, obviously the biggest justin bieber fan.
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[screaming] >> reporter: tell us, what is it about justin bieber? the hair? the shoes? why is he so cool? >> it's really not, like, anything -- he just has a lot to say. in his music. it's like he wants to make a difference and he's bringing his fans with him. >> reporter: what is the best justin bieber song? can you sing us a little bit? >> no. i don't want to sing. >> reporter: what is the best song? >> i think it's - the one that has a lot to say about making change and everything. >> reporter: how do you feel about getting to see this before anybody else? >> i'm excited. everybody's been talking about how big this movie is going to be. and talking about how everyone like loved it. i'm excited to see it. >> reporter: i'm glad we gave you a chance to see it. [screaming] >> reporter: it opens in theaters february 11th. these folks will get in to see it -- i have a feeling they will have a positive review because they love justin
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bieber. let's hear it, justin, just gin, justin, justin! justin! justin! >> reporter: back to you. >> thank you, they have not even seen the movie yet. there's an app for that. why members of the catholic church community are backing a new technology. plus, after two decades behind the wheel, the the owner of a dealership is closing up shop. why he's moving. and parts of the west and south dealing with mountains of snow, with a massive storm system where it's headed next. yep. great selection. no hidden fees.
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turning to the weather. heavy snow in parts of the midwest and south overnight.
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people waking up to about a half-foot of snow this morning and the storm is moving east. here's abc's john hendren. >> reporter: it's an arctic invasion slamming 23 states. >> we're just watching out the window, since about 6:00 or 6:30 and cars have been sliding up and down and just getting stuck and spinning. >> reporter: a broad swath of the nation from montana to texas and on up to maine is about to be blanketed in snow and bitter cold. oklahoma is facing its third deluge in a week. as this storm marches east it's expected to dump snow in place that's don't see much, shreveport, louisiana, memphis, tennessee and little rock, arkansas, about to be buried under a half-foot of snow. >> we're all sold out now. >> reporter: in little rock, gene lockwood sold more than 400 sleds in a day. >> yesterday and today has just been insane. we're sold out of sleds.
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>> reporter: in north carolina snow and ice knocked down trees and got trucks through guardrails. >> sliding like i was ice skating. >> we're going to see a lot of accumulation today. a lot of driving problems today and our crews will be out, and we'll do the best we can. it's a snowstorm. things are going to be bad. >> reporter: here in washington it's cold but the streets are clear. the northeast is set to get new records this winter. 53 inches in new york. 70 in boston. john hendren, abc news, washington. more snow and ice to blame for this canopy collapse at a connecticut gas station. it crushed a truck parked below. the driver was inside, not hurt. one of several recent collapses in the area where weeks of snow and ice are proving to be too heavy for many buildings and structures. check out this homemade science experiment. this minnesota woman is giving us a lesson in just how cold
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it's been in some parts of the country. take a look at this. she's left a banana outside for an hour. then used the frozen fruit to hammer a nail to a piece of wood. pretty impressive. last night i went to the car and my water bottle was frozen. >> yeah. we've had the cold. windy too. today was breezy. we're watching the southern storm closely. at this point in time, still a southern storm track that will catch the edge of this thing but if we get, if southern maryland gets a half-inch to inch and we get snow showers around here to make the roads slick that will be the high end of it but much more in virginia beach, carolinas, etc. >> it's not so terrible. >> from all last year it's their turn. outside now, clouds thickening up a little. no precipitation on the ground anywhere yet in the area.
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so you're looking fine. for this evening commute or any errands to run early i really don't see issues. 32, we're at the freezing mark now at bwi marshall. winds from the southwest and barometer is 30.12 and falling. annapolis, you see sunshine, giving way to thicker cloud cover through the afternoon. that's been the story statewide. nothing flying in the area in terms of precipitation but cloudy skies kind of the general rule, germantown, you see it clouding to the south. it's going to be areas to the south, especially south of dc that have a better chance of getting at least a little bit of accumulating snow tonight. taking you to maryland's most powerful doppler radar, right now we're not seeing too much out there. a little bit of a light snow shower band from orange to fredericksburg. south of dc. but again, most of what you're seeing, this is high thin precipitation, the radar scanning several thousand feet up and finding a few flakes aloft. but these are not touching the ground. so basically evaporating as it
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comes down. we just don't have enough moisture in the air to let that precipitation touch yet. 32 baltimore. 31 dulles. 33 pax river. cold basset holding its edge -- blast holding its edge, it has teeth. highs struggling to get above freezing, most spots did. winter weather advisory, bigger concerns, virginia beach, winter weather advisory here, 10:00 tonight. through 10:00 a.m. also winter storm warnings eastern north carolina and plethora of watches out and advisories out toward western virginia, toward like roanoke. there's the leading edge of the southern snowstorm. beginning to make its track into the state. i think we're going to catch the edge of this thing, see a few flakes fly tonight. as we go into the morning commute the slightest amount of snow can obviously mess things up. you can see the heavier returns here, mississippi, tennessee, alabama. the storm will continue to track steadily eastward overnight. we've seen this movie before so to speak. sometimes these southern storms can take a last-second slight
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northern turn. we've had a consistent run that shows this staying south. our futurecast, narrow band of light snow from basically annapolis south, down to calvert county and down toward richmond, virginia and lower eastern shore, again, from midnight to 5:00 a.m. you're going to get a quick shot of snow in here. after that morning rush. but most of the heavy snows will stay in the virginia beach area and even further south. so 24 tonight. light snow. we'll say up to an inch. mainly south of baltimore, in fact mainly south of annapolis, talking the southern part of the state for the one-inch totals i think. then 30 with early flurries, enough to make it slick tomorrow. give yourself time with the commute. tomorrow, 17 and clear. we'll clear out rapidly during the day tomorrow, setting the stage for a nice warm-up into the weekend. still 40s and 50s from saturday, sunday, even into monday next week. we'll check the economic news. fannie mae and freddie mac may
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soon be history. the white house will roll out plans to phase out the mortgage giants. this is two years after the government seized them during the more -- mortgage crisis. a harley-davidson dealership in elkridge closing after 20 years as the owners prepare for retirement. fred satellite and radar spoke with the owner and his decision to close up shop. >> a lot of memories. >> reporter: after 0 years in the business tina won't be selling harleys in elkridge anymore. >> a lot of emotion at first when i made the decision. it's discretionary dollars. you either put food on the table or pay the mortgage. that was the last decision of how you spent your money. >> it's like you're losing a family. everybody is so close. it does pull at your heart strings. you feel like you're losing a
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family member. >> weighing all the options, retirement, relocation, you know, i made that decision it was time for me to get out after 20 years. >> reporter: as the business rolls to a close, she'll miss the loyal customers. >> a great group. great customers. they've been my customers for 20 years. >> reporter: for sherry the closing is bittersweet. >> i've been here a little over seven years. i started the second day they opened the doors here. it's been like a second home. >> reporter: on february 28th, she'll stop operating as harley-davidson of maryland and start liquidating items and distributing unsold bikes to other harley dealerships. then time to north carolina and volunteer work for habitat for humanity. in elkridge, fred slade for abc2 news. anti-government protesters are widening their scope in cairo today. more on their demands and the
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big push for change in egypt. and surgery is not always the answer for breast cancer. a procedure doctors say is less expensive and better.
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in tonight's "health alert," women with early stage breast cancer that spread to the lymph nodes may require less expensive surgery than previously thought. that is according to a new study in the journal of the american medical association. in the study more women who had the more aggressive procedure had adverse effects such as shoulder pain, weakness or painful swelling of the arm. the researchers concluded that in cases where the spread of the breast cancer is limited to just one or two lymph nodes the
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simpler surgery is just as effective. catching enough zs could be more critical to your health than you may realize. a new study from the university of warwick in england suggest people who skimp on sleep less than six hours a night could be at increased risk for heart attacks and stroarks. researchers say when the body doesn't get enough rest it produces hormones and chemicals that increase serious health problems. and diet soda may also cause some health problems. it's long been known to be high in sugar which is why many pop drinkers turned to diet. but new research shows that diet soda may not be better, in fact may increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. a boom in plastic surgery apparently won't stop. americans now get about 10 million medical procedures a year. for people that want do look their best without surgery there are two new treatments
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getting remarkable results and reviews. the first is freezing the fat, a vacuum-like device pulls in those annoying bits around the middle and literally freezes them. the fat cells die a slow death over six to eight weeks. the same concept for without going under the -- facelifts without going under the knife. it tricks the skin into producing more collagen. >> we've had patients check into our office and to the whole body homage. >> the only pain is involved is in the wallet. fat freezes start at 7750. -- 750. if you're catholic and want to seek reconciliation for sins, technology is making it a little easier. more on the app for that, just ahead on abc2 news at 5:30.
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